Team Spirit

Consumer loans provider

Situation of the Client

An established international consumer loan provider intended to expand its operations to Poland.

The client had to establish a limited liability company in Poland, have the draft documentation reviewed for compliance with the Polish law and consumer protection rules as well as compliance with labour law regulations in relation to their employees. They needed professional legal advisers to achieve all this.

Our Support and Solutons

We have provided the Client with:

  • Experts in corporate law
  • Experts in consumer loan documentation
  • Experts in employment law
  • Consumer loan documentation compliant with Polish legal rules
  • Consumer loan documentation compliant with the approach of the consumer protection authorities
  • Employment documentation compliant with the Polish law

Results and Benefits

  • The Polish company was set up quickly
  • The draft loan documentation was reviewed and heavily amended to comply with the requirements of the Polish law and consumer protection rules currently in force
  • Employment documentation was prepared and provided to the Client
  • The Client quickly started operations in Poland
  • The Client avoided issuing into the Polish market marketing materials potentially incorrect and likely facing challenge by the Polish consumer protection authorities
  • The Client is now aware of the terms of granting consumer loans, maximum interest and fees charging rules applicable in Poland