Shares disposal

Situation of the Client

TGC was main legal adviser in a project of selling 100% of shares of a Polish limited liability company and Germany limited liability company that belonged to the same Corporate Group and had same shareholder. The value of the transaction was around 30.500.000 PLN.

Our Support and Solutions

The advisory of TGC included:

  • preparing the information about procedures for the Client (seller)
  • analysis of transaction documents offered by purchaser and adapting them to an agreed transaction structure
  • creation of payment mechanism for the shares sold to secure the seller’s interests
  • obtaining corporate approvals for planned transactions
  • coordinating work of the notary involved in this transaction both in Poland and Germany
  • active support in signing transaction documents

TGC was not only legal adviser, but our lawyers were also attorneys of the seller engaged for the purpose of signing transaction documents.

Results and Benefits

TGC has provided a smooth workflow of information on all legal issues between the seller and the purchaser’s lawyers, as well as transfer of documents from other jurisdictions required to complete the transaction in Poland and Germany.

TGC has monitored the project until the implementation of changes resulting from transaction documents in commercial registers in Poland and Germany.