Group Company Secretarial Services

Situation of the Client

Our Client, a property oriented multinational group of companies, originating from Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg with several years of  presence in Poland, operating on the market of shopping malls, business centres and land development, decided to change the service providers for accounting and company secretarial services.

The main reason was constantly developing investment plans in the Polish market and the fact that the previous service provider did not fully meet the Client’s expectations.

The Client’s main concerns were time, professionalism and reliability of service provider. The Client indicated that in the near future he would like to implement an electronic storage of documents.

Our Support and Solutions

  • Polish subsidiary was set-up within the agreed time frame (purchase of shelf-company was excluded by the Client although proposed as the most efficient solution)
  • The Client was provided with high quality of services and ensured a swift and smooth change of the services providers
  • We provided English-speaking experts who could make quick decisions
  • We provided a clear structure of necessary procedures
  • Proper documentation was drafted as required
  • Documentation and compliance of statutory actions were reviewed to determine if there were any irregularities
  • Necessary documentation was drafted and executed
  • Electronic management of documents was implemented as required by the Client

Results and Benefits

  • Certainty that all actions will be carried out pursuant to local law
  • The Client’s expectations were met, and he decided to entrust us with providing services to three more companies
  • Purchase of two shelf-companies was completed while other investment actions are still in the planning stage
  • We became a partner who may quickly address all Client’s queries and concerns