Supporting Growth of a Global Insurance Provider

Situation of the Client

Our Client is a global insurance provider (the “Company”), a global insurance brand with more than 100 years of tradition. The Company has its origins in Great Britain as a pioneer in selling innovative insurance products, with interests in Poland and Central Europe going back to 1920s.

The Company saw strong opportunities for growth in Central Europe in the coming years, predicting significant increases in employee numbers across its core markets. Management were concerned that their existing payroll and HR management solution would not be able to cope with the increased volume, threatening growth strategy.  The key reasons for these concerns were as follows:

  • risks of non-compliance in key local markets (fines, staff claims), ensuring proper contact with relevant local authorities (particularly for tax and social security)
  • an increased need for accurate and timely information, enabling management to make local and Europe-wide decisions quickly
  • ensuring that their system complied with their own worldwide internal corporate requirements, particularly meeting all security requirements with respect to data exchange through a global platform

Our Solutions and Support

We have provided the Company Management with the following features:

  • Highly robust platform and experienced processing personnel to ensure ongoing competence/accuracy
  • High standard of quality control and security systems meeting international security and data protection standards
  • One standardised payroll for all companies in the Company’s group across Europe and preferably around the world with reliable local and consolidated reporting

Results and Benefits

  • Local and global management were able to concentrate on operational efficiency and increasing competitiveness
  • Cost reduction in comparison to internal payroll administration, with management also transferring responsibility for accuracy and security onto one Europe-wide specialised partner
  • Realisation of growth strategy in the required period, with a system that was readily scalable to meet increased employee volumes